Model CS-2020 Fee Computer

Current parking control applications demand rugged, well built system components designed for years of reliable, trouble free operation. This is true regardless of climate, or number of duty cycles per day. Your parking applications need and deserve products that are engineered for a high degree of reliability, and require the flexibility to fit perfectly in a wide variety of system applications.

 The new EPS Controller Series II fee computer is designed and engineered for all this and much more! It runs flawlessly in a system made up of EPS Ticket Dispensers and EPS  Barrier Gates, and offers years of trouble-free operation, helping you to keep your business profitable and running smooth.

The new EPS Controller Series II, Model CS-2020 fee computer is unique in that it has the ability to both issue and process parking tickets from the same device. This feature eliminates the necessity for an automated ticket dispenser in many system applications, for example valet parking!  EXTENSIVE reports available from unit are valuable tools for any type of modern parking operation


The EPS Controller Series II, Model CS-2020 Fee Computer is designed to meet and exceed the highest standards required by today’s parking professionals. It utilizes proven and reliable barcode technology to rapidly read and interpret the cashiered exit ticket inserted into this device. The barcode auto-read technology used rapidly calculates and automatically displays parking fees due based upon elapsed time within the parking facility.



110-120VAC operation, or internal batteries allow for operation up to 16 hours 

Rugged rust-resistant zinc plated steel construction

   Large back-lit LCD displays Date & Time 


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