Ticket Issuing Machine

Model TD-6030S

(Barcode Machine Readable)

For use with Model CS-2020 Fee Computer only

Current parking control applications demand rugged, well built system components designed for years of reliable, trouble free operation. This is true regardless of climate or number of duty cycles per day. Your parking applications need and deserve products that are engineered for a high degree of reliability, and require flexibility to fit perfectly in a wide variety of system applications.

The EPS Barcode Ticket Dispenser is designed and engineered for all this and much more! It operates flawlessly in virtually all system applications, offering years of trouble-free operation, helping you to keep your business profitable and running smooth.

The EPS "Pre-printed" Barcode Ticket Dispenser utilizes proven and reliable non-contact thermal print technology to rapidly print the entry location, date & time, ticket number and contract required on tickets.

The EPS Barcode Ticket Dispenser uses inexpensive roll type, 4 or 7 mil thick, 4.75" long X 2.85" wide thermal tickets. 




Off line or on line communication (On-line operation with direct interface to the CS-2020 fee computer)

Machine readable (bar code)

Precision clock calendar (time and date)

Non-contact thermal type printer

Safe, low voltage operation

Durable self-sharpening cutter

Back-lit LCD display with programmable message

Built-in thermostatically controlled heater

Optional intercom

Optional battery back-up for operation during blackouts

Optional RS485 communication to external devices (i.e: fee computers)


TD-6030S Literature         Specifications     

Compatible fee computer

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