Model AK-1

AccessKey Digital Keypad

Entry System

Self-contained keyless entry system ideal for parking lots, airports, hospitals, warehouses, office buildings, and many other commercial facilities

Rugged, cast aluminum enclosure for indoor or outdoor mounting on a wall or pedestal

Four independent outputs and timers: two form C relays and two solid-state collector outputs

Up to 480 programmable input codes of one to six digits each for activating either or both relays

Two LED indicators show system status

Key operating features include: door sense input; inhibit input; request-to-enter input; alarm shunt output; timed anti-passback; and keypad lockout

Down light illumination whenever keypad is used

Tactile and audible feedback when keys are pressed

Keylock secures keypad to mounting plate


General Specifications


Dimensions: 4"W X 5.5"H X 3"D



Voltage: 12-24 Volts AC or DC (AC supply must be transformer isolated)

Current: 10 mA typical, 150 mA maximum

Outputs: Relay #1,Form "C" 5 Amps @24 Volts max. Relay #2, Form "C" 1 Amp @24 Volts max. Solid-state outputs (Outputs 3 and 4), short to common 100 mA @30 VDC max.


Temperature: -20F to +130F

Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing