Portable Traffic Counter

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Wee Portable Traffic Counter

The Wee Counter is the latest in electronic pneumatic counters. The Wee Counter offers a 7-digit LCD display and has a 5 year lithium battery. This counter is a volume traffic counter which can be reset to zero by swiping a magnet down the left side of the unit. The Wee Counter counts one count per vehicle based on two axles. 

The Wee Counter is available in two types: sensitive for counting vehicles going 20 mph or less, or regular for counting all other traffic. 

The Wee Counter weighs about one pound and can be carried in your pocket. The dimensions are 2-3/8" X 6-3/8" X 1-1/4" thick. This unit comes complete with hasp, lock and keys, hold down strap, tube plug and two clamps. Road tube is sold separately.